Mike Chang Cheated!

Mike Chang is well known as an early YouTube star and top of the health and fitness niche, but the news that is rocking the interwebs is the rumour that Mike Chang cheated!

Steroid use

Mike looked great on video and had an enviable body. His direct communicative style and friendly demenour won him many subscribers and loyal followers, but it has come to light that perhaps he was using performace enhancing steriods to get these results and so they were not replicable in the way he portrayed!

Here is a YouTube video on the admission:

Forgive me:

Misleading advertising in the fitness industry

This of course is devastating news to people who have bought his fitness products and courses, but truth be told, advertising muscle building supplmenets and training programs with actors that use steriods is absolutely par for the course in this industry and I would wager that if you picked 10 products with pictures of big men promoting them, then the majority would be steriod uisers, so this is an industry wide complaint and should not only be levelled at Mike Chang.

Six Pack Shortcuts

Many people got to trust Mr. Chang and bought his massively successful information product ‘Six Pack Shortcuts’. The information only said to eat well and exercise essentially so if they followed the advise there is a good chance they did take steps towards improving their bodies to look more like Mike Changs, so it’s not as simple as saying an outright fraud was committed. As with so many things, it’s not black and white.


A Youtube star since 2010 with over 4m subscribers and half a billion views, his 300k customers prove his path has been a huge financial success. But Mike continues to evolve and is now focusing more on the spiritual and mental evoloution and improvement to overcome fear and stress and move toward joy and happiness, or so his personal site says at http://www.mikechangfitness.com/about-me/


A number of parodies have emerged as a result of his success and his notoriety actually makes him a meme now, such as a child of the internet that he is. One includes his pretend brother living his life, another has a guy in a wig pretending to be him and then there is the mike chang donut diet

Mike chang abs exercises

Here is a video on Mike’s ab workout routine that he recommends to get an abdominal ‘6 pack’. I wouldnt call it a shortcut but then I dont know of any quicker route…


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where is mike chang? Where did he go? He has returned! See this:



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